The Poets' Room

I am the outermost house,
a sea-smoke messenger, quick pulse
of a night blizzard, filling up
the ventricles of the yard

Carol Willette Bachofner

"Imbued with with an acute sense of place, drawn to rivers,finning across ponds, pulled to the sea, every poem welcomes both poet and reader as a long-lost relative." - Kathleen Ellis, professor at University of Maine at Orono, author of Narrow River to the North.

Carol Willette Bachofner

Maine poet, Carol Bachofner writes poems that appeal to the idea that we are all connected, to each other and to nature. She writes with a strong sense of place through narrative. She enjoys writing in traditional form as well as in open form (free verse). Founding editor of Pulse Literary Journal, Carol teaches poetry in her community, Rockland, Maine and on the road via workshops and conferences. She was a featured speaker at the Winter Wheat Conference at Bowling Green University in 2007 and at the Maine Literary Festival in 2009. Bachofner was the founder of the annual Poetry Month Rockland in 2010, a city-wide celebration of everything poetic. Bachofner was named Poet Laureate of Rockland, ME 2012-2016. She is a member of the Ink Bone poetry group. quill


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Test Pattern a Fantod of Prose Poems
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Praise for Test Pattern, A Fantod of Prose Poems,
"In this new collection, Carol Bachofner forges a neoteric vision of poetry with her tongs and hammer. She calls Test Pattern a "fantod" of poems, based on a sense of "uneasiness or unreasonableness" caused by the unfamiliarity of newness, of breaking apart to create something original. To tread the grounds of fantod, the reader must get sweaty and work those muscles. These poems are big, though they are not long poems. They are meant to stir up the status quo, even to cause trouble.
The prose sonnets are sometimes structured through a numbering system, much like dictionary definitions, which layers and accumulates meaning. Contemporary and vintage images blend uneasily, but cannily, on a borderland between poetry and prose, between a gritty present moment and a disquieting magic realism. In the title poem, "Test Pattern," (the nightly sign-off of early television), the reader is encouraged to see "sleep time mandated by the National Broadcasting Company and the American Broadcasting Company, those controlling bastards." We are born into patterns, like sonnets, which predate us, but it is up to us to break out from that domination. These are not your Grandma's sonnets. These are sonnets for the future."
Luanne Castle, author Kin Types

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Book Cover: The Boyfriend Project

The Boyfriend Project: The poet takes her readers from an inviting front porch to the rugged Maine coastline. We gaze upward with Bachofner at Perkins Cove. "It's the full one, the moon that eyes itself in the sea, swishes its throat in the tide." As we follow her, the imagery remains potent and the language maintains its own ebbs and surges, a true pulse. The poems in this collection touch me in a deep place where my own loves lived and still smolder. - Audrey Friedman, MFA Vermont College
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Dawnland Voices is a collection of writing that is as bright as the morning sun. It's an amazingly comprehensive collection of the literary work of dozens of indigenous authors from an often overlooked part of Native America, the long-embattled Northeast. . . . The reading public needs to be awakened to the continued existence and the cultural heritage of our peoples, as well as the literary excellence of our many authors. No book that I know of does a better job of that than this brilliantly edited anthology." - Joseph Bruchac, author of Our Stories Remember
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Book Cover: Native Moons, Native Days

Native Moons, Native Days: "What a gift to read Carol Bachofner's poetry, full of words and phrases from her native Abenaki language that make us long for a kinder world, a world that shows us the possibilities of turning away from the face paints of war, red and black, and opt instead for yellow, the color of peace. Very good poems, indeed." - Alice M. Azure Along Came a Spider, Games of Transformation

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Book Cover: Daughter of the Ardennes Forest

Daughter of the Ardennes Forest tackles Post-War PTSD and its legacy passed on to soldiers' families. The poems resonate with tank fire and humor, with suffering and healing. Written from dual perspectives of soldier and daughter, the collection remembers and forgives.

Book Cover: Breakfast at the Brass Compass

Breakfast at the Brass Compass is a delicious menu of poems written from the heart of rural coastal Maine. Every poem affirms life, breathes on the page as raw nature blending perfectly with human nature, emanating from streets, porches, and cafes, from galleries and museums, and from the ever-present sea holding the pulse of it all.

Book Cover: I Write in the Greenhouse

I Write in the Greenhouse embodies the wondrous and surprising in nature, as observed from the author's little glass house sometime potting shed, sometime seed nursery, sometime writing studio. The poems find a space where nature and humanity meet, paying attention to detail, celebrating seasons of snow angels, stars, wind, fish, and garden blooms, and offer a blessing on all of it.

Book Cover: Drink From Your Own Well

Drink From Your Own Well: a guide to richer writing,
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Reading Update:
will be reading at the
126th Millay Birthday Celebration
Farnsworth Art Museum
February 24, 2018 2PM

will be a featured poet at the
Annual Plunkett Festival
University of Maine Augusta
April 6, 2018
"Poetry and Truth"

Writer Site is a blog by Luane Castle.
This is part one of a two-part guest blog. She is the former professor of Literature at California State University San Bernardino (where Catrol did her undergraduate degree).

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Water Psalm

Bless the water,
the flow, the ebb, the seep.
Bubble it, keep it clear.
Rinse your divine face in it, salty or fresh,
fast or pooled. Feel it in your hair
beneath the storm, hear it
outside your window, running in your dreams.
Let your ancestors' voices flow
from it to bring us together in psalm.
Keep the tide in place, keep the levees whole.
Let every molecule of water say its name.
Bless the water in us, the tide in us,
the moon that pulls it through our veins.
Bless the water that will carry our ashes home.

from Breakfast at the Brass Compass

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Dave Morrison, Clubland
Dawn Potter
Main Street Rag
Moon Pie Press
Maine Authors Publishing Co-Op
Maine Poets Society
Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance
New England Poetry Club
Peter Ralston Gallery
Hello Hello Books
Vermont College of Fine Arts

Carol W. Bachofner, award-winning Maine poet and teacher of poets. Available to teach/conduct writing workshops and classes. Editing services available. Her poems have appeared in such notable journals as Prairie Schooner, CT Review, Main Street Rag, The Comstock Review, Crab Orchard Review, The Cream City Review, Naugatuck River Review, and others.

She has published a writer's workbook.

  Drink From Your Own Well: a guide to richer writing.
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Her Poetry Books:

 Daughter of the Ardennes Forest, 2007

  Breakfast at the Brass Compass, 2010

 I Write in the Greenhouse, 2011.

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Praise for Bachofner's poetry
"The poems of Carol Bachofner are distinguished first by their elegantly simple and passionate language. Each word seems carefully weighed and measured, a means of arriving at the poems overall form, which is arrived at, not imposed."
Clare Rossini, professor at Trinity College and Vermont College of Fine Arts; author of Lingo and Winter Morning With Crow.

"Carol Bachofner's poems are sacred poetry that exults in the senses. Fine-etched, delicate diction combines with passionate natural imagery to offer lovely work that, poem after poem, affirms life."
Jennifer MacPherson, editor The Comstock Review, author of Rosary of Bones.

Regarding the poem, Watching Myself Thinking of You, 1943, which won first place in the 2004 Loella Cady Lamphier Poetry Prize and appeared in Miller's Pond, Vol. 7, Issue 1, Summer 2004, final judge Nancy Breen (editor, Poets Market), writes: "This poem stood out on several levels. The tribute of a child reliving the sacrifice her parents made is touching, and the poem is full of wonderful sensory details (orange-red suns of sweet icy fruit and grime of slow-moving glass in particular). I also admire the spare, precise language; the poet resists the temptation to get maudlin or melodramatic, letting the simple and searing drama speak for itself."


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NEWS: Carol won 2nd place in Maine Poets Society's villanelle contest for the hemi-villanelle, Evanescence.

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NEWS: Carol will serve a second term at Poet Laureate of Rockland from 2014-2016